The badlands

With the monster spider resolved rather quickly thanks to Misty’s electric whip, the party kept traveling. Things got disturbing after strange animals were found in the forest. Herds of ladders, flying shoes and fish that swam through the ground were the most notable.

Ember deduced that the vegetation and surrounding animals proximity to the rare material had caused these extreme mutations. Eventually however all of the vegetation and wildlife disapeared as the players entered the badlands. Only ragged trees were seen occasionally and the ground was packed hard.

With no visible trail, only Ember was able to discern which way to their destination. Some time later a mystery appeared. several flying dots were spotted circling the party, which some time later were identified as muffins, just before Eliza decided to climb into the tree that they were using as a perch. Over 20 of them suddenly swarmed her as everyone else just watched.



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