At the Doctors Office

Aka Day of the Walking Clients

in their last segment, our bundling adventures had found their way to one of the of the former clients of the adaptine miners, which was a small physician practice. after some questioning it was found that someone had starting producing it artificially at a much lower price. This new substance was called adaptide and was found to be identical to adaptine by the doctors equipment.

After refusing to provide the forceful party with any more information, and when everyone was leaving, several clients in the waiting room stood up and started acting oddly. When they started taking swipes at the party it was on however and they were easily taken down. Furious, the Doctor took it out on the players until xxnoobslayerxx pointed out that all the zombies were users of the new adaptide substance.

Finally, the doctor gave the party information on where to find the distributors location, and started preparing for the journey



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