A Multi-Genre BESM 3rd Edition campaign.

A History Lesson 2015 – Present

In 2015, Gregory Digsby perfected a device that let a human fully interface with a computer with only their mind. Depending on the program running, users would ‘tell’ commands into the device and the computer would follow them. This revolutionized the computer industry; gone were the days of keyboard and mouse, game controllers. Your mind was in complete and instantaneous control. Users wear a tight fitting hat composed of countless brainwave sensors and controller chips. Very quickly this technology grew into immersion games and programs, where users would wear a pair of goggles and ‘be’ in the system.

By 2020, developers released new caps, those capable of sending faux-brainwaves back into the user’s mind, simulating all of the 5 senses. Wildly controversial and under the testing from the FDA the caps were released to the public. They were recalled shorty after due to increasing regular accidents. Users would react in reality to sights and sounds from the virtual one, many times hurting themselves, others and the environment around them.

After several years of research and testing, a solution was found. Small dime sized devices would inhibit the body from receiving signals from the brain. One was placed on the cap at the base of the spine behind the head. The others were placed on either temple, to inhibit the facial nerves. The FDA-approved re-release of the sense cap was a global hit.

With everyone plugged into what was increasing called ‘inspace’ social and international barriers quickly broke down. The rapid change spurred the creation of a global government. This new government took to addressing the major problems of population control, health care, unemployment etc.

In 2022 a full immersion video game called “Simulation Strategy” held all the known genre’s and some very unique traits. Simulation strategy, quickly called “The Game” broke out like wildfire. All of the humanoids players encounter are actors, virtually ending unemployment. With the success of the game, other worldwide simulations took root. As the years passed, the original generation of players of the game are now in working society, more and more adult personal time is being logged within virtual space. Friendships and relationships kindled in childhood and teens would otherwise disappear: the people involved increasingly were worlds away.

Strict population control implemented included the anti-migration act; the worlds land were cut up into sectors using latitude and longitude and permanent residency changes outside your sector is forbidden. While inspace, a person can be virtually in any city across the world, large virtual cities are often times busier than their real counterparts. Almost 50% of the jobs available are within virtual space, with 70% of them are directly connected to the game.

Players will initially play a person while playing “The Game” doing quests and other things in the virtual ‘inspace’. For more information about ‘the game’ please visit its wiki article


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