and now we find...

so after a long time of travel, the wondrous party found themselves at… a dead end. unrelenting to give up, Ember took a look around only to notice the smell of humanoid, which the source of which quickly revealed themselves, quickly surrounding the party wielding various types of weapons and donning just as random a selection of armor.

At the Doctors Office
Aka Day of the Walking Clients

in their last segment, our bundling adventures had found their way to one of the of the former clients of the adaptine miners, which was a small physician practice. after some questioning it was found that someone had starting producing it artificially at a much lower price. This new substance was called adaptide and was found to be identical to adaptine by the doctors equipment.

After refusing to provide the forceful party with any more information, and when everyone was leaving, several clients in the waiting room stood up and started acting oddly. When they started taking swipes at the party it was on however and they were easily taken down. Furious, the Doctor took it out on the players until xxnoobslayerxx pointed out that all the zombies were users of the new adaptide substance.

Finally, the doctor gave the party information on where to find the distributors location, and started preparing for the journey

Adaptine Mine
new sidequest!

Our band of muffin killers made their way to the center of the badlands, to find an extremly small mining community. No work was seeming to be done however, and after some time waiting found that business was mysteriously halted. The head dwarf has refused to give up any additional client information about the goblins but has agreed to do so if the group can bring back business to the mine.

During their stay, the characters learned a little more about adaptine and what it is used for.

Muffins of Flight

In this installment, our party finished off the flock of muffins, leaving 2 to fly off and 2 taken prisoner. Most of the characters had little trouble with them; their soft squishy exterior simply bounced off the parties armor. for Eliza however this posed more of threat, taking her down considerably.

The night ended as the muffins flew off into the sky and the party is 1 days ride away from their destination.

The badlands

With the monster spider resolved rather quickly thanks to Misty’s electric whip, the party kept traveling. Things got disturbing after strange animals were found in the forest. Herds of ladders, flying shoes and fish that swam through the ground were the most notable.

Ember deduced that the vegetation and surrounding animals proximity to the rare material had caused these extreme mutations. Eventually however all of the vegetation and wildlife disapeared as the players entered the badlands. Only ragged trees were seen occasionally and the ground was packed hard.

With no visible trail, only Ember was able to discern which way to their destination. Some time later a mystery appeared. several flying dots were spotted circling the party, which some time later were identified as muffins, just before Eliza decided to climb into the tree that they were using as a perch. Over 20 of them suddenly swarmed her as everyone else just watched.

along came a spider

So the party embarked on their way to the source of a rare material that was used in the creation of the Abomination with horses given to them by the townspeople. Misty tried to no avail to haggle a little bit of gold from the poor town but it seemed they didn’t have any gold at all, let alone gold to give away. Max logged out and Eliza was set to autofollow. on their way there, they were ambushed by a large spider with the intent of making the adventurers its next meal.

The rejoicing
what happened after the goblin raider fight

Shorty after the defeating the goblin raiders and their Abomination, the townspeople came out to congratulate the victors. The mayor invited the group to a banquet in their honor that evening. Max was hauled off to the local doctors to get well needed medical attention while the rest of the party spent the day exploring the town. Ember took it upon himself to light aflame the remains of every enemy his attacks came in contact with, but was stopped by the resident mad scientist whom wanted to first dissect the creature. That act took most of the day and Ember was happily distracted by random pieces of the giant that were being discarded, not to mention the mysterious object that the scientist proclaimed would blow up the town if it were to combust.

That night at the banquet, things seemed to go over pretty smooth, with the group receiving not only food but an almost endless supply of drinks, to which Max and xxnoobslayerxx took to like a couple of fratboys. Ember showed off his skills by taking a flaming shot while it was still lit, but the surrounding companions didn’t seem to give it the praise it deserved. A young man approached Misty and attempted to offer her a drink and talk to her, but she shot him down before he got a chance. Undeterred he attempted to siphon information from Eliza whom had taken an interest to him, but the most he got from her was wine to the face.

next up was Max. Unfortunatly he could have gotten the same information from a brick wall. He quickly moved to ember, whom gladly agreed to light his hair on fire in an attempt to impress the demon. While he summoned up the resolve to gather himself and make a second attempt, it was quickly foiled by xxnoobslayerxx, whom threw a high proof alcohol in his direction, turning him from the man with the burning hair into the flaming torch. He wasn’t seen or heard from again until the next morning Misty found a vase of flowers by her bedside.

shortly after his departure, the scientist walked up to the group, in his hands were the last remaining piece of the giant; its head. As Ember cremated it the scientist revealed an important piece of information about the creation. One of the materials used was a rare metal that can only be found at one place in the surrounding area, with the 2nd closest being over half a Continent away. With that he bid the party ado and left.

Near the end of their meals, a strange man confronted the party with a riddle. he said “I have a piece of paper and inside it is written a prediction. If you can guess correctly if the prediction will come true you will receive a prize, if not you are in my debt. Write yes or no on the paper to provide me with your parties answer”

After a small discussion xxnoobslayerxx impatiently snatched the paper and wrote yes on it. This answer was wrong, as the prediction was “you will write no” and the man disappeared back into the crowd.

At this point, of course most of the party was too inebriated to recall the happenings of most these events the next morning. They awoke to the sound of Ember lighting a bunkbed on fire, which concluded the night.

goblin wrapup

The party concluded the fight between them and the goblin bandits.

When the necromancer raised a goblin to fight against his former friends it drew all the attention to him, and the goblins managed to drop him despite his efforts to evade them. Even without the aid of the necromancer or his army the buffed attackers avenged their fallen comrade.

With only the adept and theGoblin Leader left, they retreated but on their way out they unleased a new oppenent; simply called ‘the Abomination’. Fortunately this beast had trouble hitting the skilled heroes and was taken down, but not without loss. In a ditch effort it fired its missiles point blank, dealing large amounts of damage to itself and the surrounding players.

Goblin Raiders

On the first night the group was met by an old employer. It seems the town he was visiting on buisness was taken hostage by a group of raiders, which turned out to be a group of goblins.

After a quick word with their leader, he returned with reinforcements to take down the group


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