Gnome Walker

a small sized


land speed 2 (4 pts)
jumping 2 (4 pts)
armour 3 partial (4 pts)
weapon: machine pistol as item (9 pts)
weapon: flame thrower as item (2 pts)

unique defect: sized for small characters -1 pt


Gnomes, being the ingenious little tinkerers they are, realized that their short stature hampered not only their ability to experiment, but also the respect they thought their labyrinthine minds deserved.

Thus: the gnome walker, it can be customized for the job, from ranged or melee weapons for combat or extra appendages for assistance around the workshop. The user stands or sits (model may vary) in the device and will stand at about face height comparable to their larger humanoid companions. then, through a series of buttons and levers will control the walker to do its bidding.

Gnome Walker

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